The main characters

  • Shelley
  • Shel doesn’t yet have a name (or a family for that matter). She’s a hapless wannabe chav type who doesn’t have a great deal of luck with the lads. The original idea for the series was just to have one character, and a best friend with a much more exciting life that we learn all about, but never see.

  • Kelly Smith
  • Kelly has a father we almost meet in episode two, but we’ve not yet seen her home or family. She gets in lots of scrapes, and has her fair share (nay, more) of boyfriends, usually one per episode.

Other roles

  • Ginger Gaz, also known as Gary (E1, E5)
  • Mentioned in the first episode, we actually meet him in the classroom in episode five.

  • Hunky police officer (E2)
  • An as yet unnamed handsome policeman we meet in episode two. Given Kelly’s propensity for erring on the wrong side of the law, this is probably not the last we’ve seen of him.

  • Father Ryan, also known as Declan (E3)
  • Another possible recurring character. His guidance, as seen in episode three, is of the sort Kelly likes.

  • Gay Gavin (E5)
  • Classmate, and so far silent, perhaps he will soon find a reason to speak.

  • Stuttering Simon (E5)
  • Another classmate. Kelly hasn’t yet got round to him. P-p-p-patience!

  • Mr Austin (E5)
  • Unkempt-looking English teacher at Shafting High who somehow manages to keep a straight face.

  • Michaela Jones (E4)
  • Slimmer of the year! Her health in episode four seems to make it unlikely she will reappear.

  • Gloria Soles (E4)
  • Runs an escort agency “Budding Beauties” in the Upper Bottom district of Shafting.

Only mentioned so far

  • Facebook Johnny (E2)
  • We haven’t yet met him, but Kelly found him disappointing.

  • Spotty Dennis (E4)
  • An unfortunate victim of Kelly’s cruelty.

  • Monsieur Durand (E4)
  • French teacher at Shafting High, and the object of a few schoolgirl fantasies. He’s bound to turn up again sooner or later…

  • Mr Smith (E2)